My decision to qualify as a Sports Nutritionist was a result of my ever-increasing fascination in how to keep my body performing at its optimum level.


Sport has been my favoured past-time for as long as I can remember. I dedicated over 10 years to competing at the highest standard in swimming, which meant hours of hard work in the pool and the gym, and extreme discipline with regards to nutrition.


I switched to running when I started at university and haven’t looked back since. I am a keen member of Swanley and District Athletics Club, training and racing with them weekly in distances from 5K to Marathons.


I am also qualified to coach the club’s junior division, which gives me the chance to help foster my own passion in the community’s youngest members.


Although my sporting pursuits are now far more for pleasure than medals or Personal Bests, I still recognise the importance that my diet places on my ability to train – and race – to the best of my abilities, and am keen to pass this knowledge onto others.







  • Developing personalised nutrition plans which provide the balance of nutrients needed, based on an individual's sex, age, weight, body stats and the intensity and volume of their training


  • Evaluating current eating habits to develop meal plans which aid weight maintenance or sensible weight loss or gain


  • Supporting those following specialist vegetarian or vegan diets, dispelling any belief that this has a negative impact on the athlete’s ability


  • Explaining the impact that vitamin and mineral deficiencies have on short and long term health, suggesting ways to increase daily intake


  • Promoting the importance of good hydration, suggesting ways to regulate fluid loss and ensure effective rehydration after exercise


  • Dispelling common myths and misconceptions surrounding nutrition,  supplementation and so-called performance enhancers


  • Understanding typical training principles, including periodisation and phased training, and the impact that this has on an athlete’s diet





To get the most out of ourselves, we need to make sure that our bodies are fuelled to function at their optimum level.


My professional training and personal experience makes me well placed to help educate you on how you can make small changes today - that will have a huge impact on your health, wellbeing and sporting performance in the future.


The mixed messages currently in the public domain make it difficult sometimes to know what advice to follow. I can help unravel the mystery, and can work with you to build a nutrition plan that works with your current lifestyle, dietary needs and exercise levels.


It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned athlete – or someone embarking on a new fitness regime to help improve body confidence, build stamina or control your weight – I can tailor a dietary plan that works for you.


If you need support, please get in touch so that we can discuss how best I can help you.